Camp He Ho Ha

Retreat FAQ

1. Are you open in the winter?
Yes, we are a year round facility. The facility is closed mid December until early January for the Christmas holiday season.

2. Do you have different rates for seasons or groups?
No, our rates are standard throughout the year and do not change regardless of group status, size or the age of participants. The only exception is that children 2 and under stay for free.

3. Do you provide a lifeguard for the pool or lakefront?
Rental groups are responsible for providing their own water safety while at Camp He Ho Ha.

4. How much is the rental deposit and what is the refund/invoicing policy?
The deposit is 20% of the expected total of your rental based on information given at the time of booking. The deposit becomes non-refundable 90 days prior to the first day of your stay and will be subtracted dollar for dollar from the final invoice.

A guaranteed number of guests must be given no later than 14 days prior to the first day of your visit. This is the number you are billed for on the final invoice. Any additions after that point must be approved by Camp.

The balance of the final invoice is due upon checkout.

5. Can we just drop in or do we have to book in advance?
Rentals must be booked in advance and there is no drop in day use. A minimum of 25 paying participants or payment for 25 is required.

6. How far in advance can I book?
Preference is given to current rental groups allowing them to book the same weekend one year ahead. After that, the dates are open up to anyone who would like to book (up to a maximum of one year in advance of today’s date).

7. Do you provide facilitators for any of the recreational opportunities?
Camp He Ho Ha only provides equipment/facilities for the recreational opportunities offered and does not provide any staffing options.

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Bobbi Olson
Phone: (780) 429-3277, Ext. 234