Camp He Ho Ha


3rd Year Nursing Students, 4th Year Grad Nurses and Registered Nurses

May 11th – August 24th, 2017



Camp Health, Hope & Happiness, Alberta’s leading summer recreational facility for individuals with mental and physical disabilities is seeking 3rd Year Nurses, 4th Year Grad Nurses and Registered Nurses, both male and female, for the season beginning May 11th and continuing through to August 24th, 2017.  Camp Health, Hope & Happiness is a residential camp where campers and staff are on site 24/7 during their 6 day stay.


The 3rd Year Nurse, 4th Year Grad Nurse and Registered Nurse are responsible for participation, in full, of the mandatory 3-Day Nurse Orientation and the 11-Day Summer Staff Orientation running from May 11th – 24th.  The term of employment is from May 11th to August 24th, 2017.



Dedicated individuals committed to the personal care and recreational needs of persons with special needs will find these positions both challenging and rewarding.  Applicants must be a minimum of 18 years of age.  Personal experience with people with special needs, sign language, arts & crafts, water sports (I.e. canoeing, paddle boating, fishing), performing arts and leadership would be an asset but not necessary.


A current standard first aide and HCP CPR certificate (that will not expire while you are at camp) and submit a clear Police Criminal Clearance Check by the date of employment.



3rd Year Nurses – $12,000 for the term of employment (before taxes).

4th Year Grad Nurses and Registered Nurses – $14,400 for the term of employment (before taxes).

Accommodations are provided for the term of employment listed above. Meals will be provided during camp days.



Administration of Medications:

o   Control and administer all prescription medications to campers.

o   At his/her judgment, administer PRN medications.

o   All medications are to be administered by nurses only.

o   In case of medication errors, the nurse must immediately complete an incident report and submit it to one of the Camp Coordinators.  They must also complete any follow-up phone conversations deemed necessary after consulting with Camp Coordinators.

o   One nurse must be on site at all times.

o   Documentation of all drugs administered.

o   Keep notes of PRN medications given, the date and the time and any action taken in care of camper and staff in the nurse notebook; this is a legal requirement.

o   Decide if further attention is required; i.e. trip to the hospital or a call to the personal physician, etc. and ensure that this is carried out.  This includes transporting patient to facility or calling an ambulance.


Applications and Personal Care:

o   Suppositories are to be administered by nurses.

o   Changing of catheters and colostomies are to be done by nurses.

o   Nurses are to do periodic checks for personal care and activities of daily living.

o   Provide information on camper care to staff; i.e. specific care of colostomies, catheters, braces, behaviours, etc.

o   Assist in activities in cabins and other areas when additional help is required.

o   Administer first aide promptly when required.

o   Act as a resource person to staff.

o   Nurses assist campers with any physio exercises that they may have to do while at camp.

o   Provide 1:1 Camper attention when and where required; i.e. sickness, etc.



o   Abide by the Camp philosophy, “Campers Come First”.

o   Facilitate the personal care sessions during the summer staff orientation.

o   Assist in activities in cabins and in specialty areas when additional help is required; i.e. swimming, climbing wall, etc.

o   Nurses are to participate in activities and programs as much as possible.

o   Prepare first aide kits for pool, waterfront, climbing wall, arts and crafts, Med centre, kitchen, barge, cabins and the office.

o   Maintain an inventory of medical supplies and replenish first aide kits as needed at the end of every camp.

o   Keep the Medical centre clean and orderly.

o   Provide prompt feedback to parents, group homes, hospital care facility, etc. of camper health problems, accidents or other pertinent information after consultation with the Camp Coordinators or Executive Director.

o   Attend meetings as required.

o   Ensure wheelchairs, commodes and bed rails are returned to the Medical centre basement at the end of the camping season.

o   One nurse is to attend the evening program.

o   Facilitate sessions during orientation.



To apply please fill out a Staff Application form located in the left-hand side of this page (Apply for a Job Online link)


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