Camp He Ho Ha



Hostels: $37.50/person/night (with linen)
$30.00/person/night (no linen)
Singles: $72.00/night
Doubles: $46.00/person/night
Triples: $37.50/person/night
Camping: $16.00/person/night (at Westhaven)


Breakfast: $14.00/person
Lunch: $17.00/person
Dinner: $20.00/person
Special Diet: +$2.00/person/meal
GST extra on all meals, snacks and refreshments only.

Meeting Areas

Rec Hall: $375.00/day
George Kidd: $160.00/day
Arts & Crafts: $135.00/day
Chapel: $110.00/day
3 Small Lounges $85.00/day/lounge


Pool*: $110.00/hour
Barge: $110.00/hour
Canoes/Paddle boats*: $16.00/hour
Mini-golf*: $11.00/person
Fire pit*: $80.00/weekend
**Complimentary swim time with overnight rentals

Rec Package

includes unlimited use of * items only
$21.00/person/day (day guests)
$16.00/person/day (overnight guests)
No charge for children 2 & under. Prices subject to change without notice.

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Bobbi Olson
Phone: (780) 429-3277, Ext. 234