Camp He Ho Ha


Mission, Vision, Objectives


Camp He Ho Ha advances the cause of independence and integration for children and adults living with physical and mental disabilities by providing adapted recreational programs designed to meet their special needs and interests.


By tapping into the strengths, experiences, imagination, and interests of all stakeholders, Camp He Ho Ha will be recognized as the undisputed leader in the provision of innovative adapted recreational programming for people living with every type and degree of disability.


  1. Provide high-quality recreational opportunities for people with disabilities
  2. Encourage optimum levels of independence, personal growth, integration, and a sense of community
  3. Develop an appreciation of nature while acquiring knowledge and skills in outdoor living in a safe environment
  4. Encourage people with disabilities to explore their potential by allowing them the dignity of risk
  5. Develop confidence and a sense of accomplishment through various activities that are adapted to the needs of people with disabilities
  6. Provide opportunities for respite, not only for people with disabilities but also to families and caregivers
  7. Provide a meaningful learning experience to university and college students through their employment as caregivers to people with disabilities
  8. Allow optimum utilization of the facility by individuals, groups, and organizations