Camp He Ho Ha


About Us

Since 1960 Camp Health, Hope & Happiness has made dreams come true for children, youth, adults, and seniors with physical and mental disabilities by providing safe and rewarding recreational summer camp experiences. The incredible work we do is only possible because of generous donors like you. We are a not-for-profit, non-denominational organization and funded by the generous support of our community and donors.

Through our summer camps and programs people of all ages with varying types and levels of disability form lasting friendships with other campers just like them and accomplish things that they may have never thought possible before. With nearly 60 years of proven success, our counsellors and staff have adapted activities and helped empower thousands of campers to build friendships, increase their sense of independence and belonging and experience a fun active lifestyle in a safe environment.

Camp He Ho Ha also serves more than 8,000 families each year through our facility rentals. This program is in place for corporate team building events, social clubs, group gatherings and more. Our year-round facility rentals are available to the general public and a portion of the revenues generated assist in funding individuals with special needs to attend the summer programs.