Camp He Ho Ha


Overnight Camps

We value safe spaces for all individuals regardless of their race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, sex, age, mental or physical disability, sexual and gender identity, or gender expression, and we strive to promote equality within the connections of these aspects.

Careful consideration should be given to applicants who have the following characteristics as they may not be suitable candidates for summer camp:

  1. Applicants who have a history of vandalism or are abusive to property.
  2. Applicants who are physically abusive or a danger to others.

Our staff ratio varies with the various camps. In camps for people with mental disabilities the ratio is 4 campers to 1 staff; in camps for people with physical disabilities the ratio is 3 campers to 1 staff.


  1. We require and aide/one on one staff to attend with campers when their personal care and/or supervision require continuous 1 on 1 attention.
  2. Due to our program structure, we require individuals to attend camps that are appropriately designed/adapted. If an individual has a physical limitation (wheelchair, walker, etc.) they must apply to one of our camps for individuals with physical disabilities (individuals that attend our camps for people with physical disabilities may or may not also have a mental disability).