Camp He Ho Ha


Capital Projects

During the past 35 years, numerous capital projects have been completed. The majority of the renovations and expansion took place in the 1980’s. The facility is now in need of the following renovations and upgrades to maintain its high quality of service to all guests:

Sidewalks around the facility must be replaced. Sidewalks have been patched numerous times; however, the sidewalks are uneven and cracked causing an issue for people with mobility issues which is the majority of our campers, and many guests.

Trail and Road Paving the asphalt around the camp facility is aging and slowly degenerating, fresh surfaces will be needed in the near future to allow safe mobility of our campers and guests.

Accommodation Expansion, a new 24-room building will provide accommodations for the aides that are required by some of the campers with more complex medical or behavioural needs also allowing us to expand our programs. This building will also assist in generating a greater rental revenue for Camp He Ho Ha which is, in turn, applied to the cost of running our summer camp programs for people with special needs.

Dining Hall Expansion to accommodate all guests and campers. We are bursting at the seams!

Apartment Complex to enable Camp to expand its summer capacity. Consisting of a wheelchair accessible building with 24 private hotel-style rooms and meeting rooms.


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