Camp He Ho Ha


Camp Life!

The smell of campfire smoke lingers on clothing and fingers are sticky with marshmallow goo. The days are full of crafts, water fights, endless adventure, and smiles a mile wide. The nights are full of peaceful contentment and starry skies. If you have ever been to summer camp you are familiar with the magical experiences that highlight the summer for so many of our campers.

Camp Health, Hope & Happiness exists to provide outdoor recreational summer camps to children and adults living with every type and degree of physical and mental disability – but we don’t stop there, we make a lasting impact through inclusion and adventure.

Every year from May to August over 720 individuals with disabilities access the programs that Camp Health, Hope & Happiness offers.  For the campers who attend our programs, it is an opportunity they look forward to that only comes once a year.  For parents and caregivers, Camp He Ho Ha offers an opportunity for respite from the continual care that an individual with disabilities can require.


We are proud to offer the following summer programming areas to all campers during their camp experience:

The information provided for the activities is a very brief description. Each program provides a very great range of activities and all programs are adapted to meet the special needs of the individuals in each group.

All camps will follow a similar weekly schedule as shown below.

Click on the image to see it more clearly.