Camp He Ho Ha



Camp He Ho Ha runs several internal fundraising events. These events are very successful at raising money for Camp due to their pledge structure. So, what are pledges? Pledges are donations to Camp Health, Hope & Happiness made on behalf of an individual.

Collecting Pledges for Camp
Please be aware that for Camp He Ho Ha fundraisers pledges will be collected on-site at the time of registration on the first day of the event. All pledges must be present and accounted for at the time of registration to qualify for prizes and incentives.

If you are collecting pledges only through our online donation portal there is no need to complete a paper pledge form as all donations are accounted for in our online system. (You can view the donations made on your behalf through your online participant account created at the time of registration for the event.)

Please keep records of all offline pledges made on your behalf on your Pledge Form. Additional pledge forms may be downloaded from the tool kit accessed from the event portal.

Raising Pledges
We want everyone to be successful in raising pledges. If you are successful you can qualify to win wonderful prizes, qualify for free event registration, and most importantly: make a difference for kids and adults with special needs!

Here are some tips for raising pledges:

Contact us with any further questions.

Lindsey Macaulay
(780) 429-3277 Ext. 221