Camp He Ho Ha


Register an Aide/Caregiver

We value safe spaces for all individuals regardless of the severity or type of disability and Camp He Ho Ha is proud to accept all campers. There are however special circumstances in which a camper is required to attend with an aide or caregiver. If a camper has the following characteristics they may be suitable for summer camp only with an accompanying aide or caregiver:

  1. The camper required 1:1 attention for behavioral management
  2. The camper does not transition well with a group or has wandering tendencies
  3. The camper requires private (hotel style) accommodations

If an Aide or Caregiver will be accompanying the camper a fee of $350.00 to cover meals and accommodations will apply and an Aide registration must be completed.

Registration will open March 5, 2024 @ 10am

Camp He Ho Ha offers an opportunity for individuals with disabilities to enjoy an adapted recreational experience in a safe and supportive environment.  Just as importantly, it offers a much needed break for parents and regular caregivers. Helping caregivers make an informed decision on summer camp is important to us, as well as equipping returning caregivers with information on how to prepare and what to expect while their camper is at camp.