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Tool Kit

Welcome to the Move, Groove & Improve for Health and Happiness Challenge Tool kit!

Thank you for taking on the challenge to walk, run, roll, dance, stretch, exercise and otherwise “Move, Groove and Improve” your physical and mental health. The purpose of the Move, Groove & Improve Challenge is not only to raise money for Camp He Ho Ha but to also raise awareness about the enormous benefits of exercise for people of all abilities. As a campaigner, we are asking you to raise money and help us spread awareness by sharing this campaign with your friends and family.

We want to help you be successful so we have created a Tool Kit for you, including email templates, social media content, media templates, graphics, and more. 

Event Information

Camp He Ho Ha Information

Tips to Create a Successful Fundraising Page


Email Templates

Social Media Content


Exercise Tracking Apps

Offline In-Person Fundraising